Click-to-Door – A comprehensive e-commerce market analysis report

Online retailers have a new topic to discuss, and a game plan for 2022. Click-to-Door is a revolutionary concept, for which we have compiled a detailed report, together with our partners at Postis.

With the launch of this report, a critical need for e-commerce players is being addressed: analyzing the entire buying experience. This starts from the first online interaction, and ends with the delivery of products to the customer's door.

Regardless of size or industry vertical, the Click-to-Door report is a useful tool for optimizing the online buying process for all e-commerce companies.

For the first edition of the report, we analyzed 35 online shops, analyzing more than 15 million clicks that translated to a total of over half a million orders. Based on a comprehensive analysis of 64 key factors in completing an online order, the main conclusions found answer the questions below:

  • What traffic sources bring the highest quality visitors with higher AOV and lower refusal rates at delivery

  • How the popular cash-on-delivery option is linked to conversions and refusal rates

  • The impact that well-placed product recommendations have on conversion and repeat visitors

Get your copy of the Click-to-Door report here.