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Lisardo Erman


At a glance

Previous experience at HSBC where he developed prediction models for the German industrial production. PhD candidate at the University of Osnabrück.

Osnabrück, DE


Work experience

Current (Sep 2019): Data Scientist and CTO at InsightOut Analytics

Developing Machine Learning and AI algorithms for business solutions in various fields. Applications include Shiny Dashboards, Data Pipelines, Map Reduce and a wide range of Regression based analyses


Current (Jan 2016): PhD candidate / Research fellow at Osnabrück University

Main tasks involve academic research and teaching. The research focuses on a variety of fields including economic growth, bank bailouts and herding behavior in speculative markets applying techniques such as Multivariate Regression, Clustering, Neural Networks, Web Scraping and Spark on AWS. Teaching concentrated on subjects in macroeconomics and building computational notebooks with R.


Oct 2015 – Jan 2016: Intern at HSBC

Constructing, estimating and deploying a forecasting model for German monthly industrial production based on ARMAX modeling techniques.


Aug 2013 – Oct 2013: Intern at German Council of Economic Experts

Cross-Country econometric analysis of the relationship between economic growth and employment. Further, analysis and visualization of migration to Germany


Jul 2012 – Jul 2013: Research Assistant at Centre of European Economic Research (ZEW)

Research and analysis of selected economic forecasts for Germany from banks and institutions. Results of these activities have been published in the monthly German newspaper Börsenzeitung.


Ongoing (Jan 2016): PhD candidate at Osnabrück University

Thesis: “3 Essays in Economics”

  1. Inequality and Growth: Industry-Level Evidence (with Daniel te Kaat). Published in the Journal of Economic Growth, 2019, Vol. 24(3), pp. 283-308. Available here.

  2. Bank Bailouts and Real Economic Dynamics: Evidence from Cross-Country, Cross-Industry Data (with Valeriya Dinger and Daniel te Kaat)

  3. Cryptotweets: Bot and Influencer activities in a world of highly speculative assets (with David Dornekott)


Oct 2013 – Oct 2015: Master of Science in Economics at University of Bonn

Thesis: “The Effect of FIN 48 on Equity – An Event Study Approach”


Sep 2010 – Sep 2013: Bachelor of Science in Economics at University of Mannheim

Thesis: “Migration from Spain to Germany in the Wake of the Financial Crisis”


Jun 2009: Lichtenberg Gymnasium Cuxhaven, Abitur


  1. Linear Algebra and Econometry (Bonn – Bachelor)

  2. Advanced Macroeconomy (Osnabrück – Master)

  3. Seminars on subjects such as Global Inequity and Growth, Sovereign Bank Bailouts (Osnabrück – Master)