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Real Estate Portals - PL, CZ, SK, HU - Q1 2021

A regional comparison of the top 3 players in each market

This report measures Digital Presence and Digital Maturity and highlights areas of potential improvement for the players in consideration. To assess Digital Presence and Digital Maturity, InsightOut Analytics’ proprietary methodology considers 5 dimensions and 11 subdimensions, computed by considering more than 45 features of each player.


Otodom (PL), Reality.Idnes (CZ),

Ingatlan (HU), Nehnutelnosti (SK)


Morizon (PL), Bezrealitky (CZ),

Nieruchomosci-online (PL), Topreality (SK)


Startlak (HU), Sreality (CZ)


Ingatlannet (HU), Reality (SK)

ioa map real estate for digital presence and digital maturity

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